Cahiers du Moment - "Now this is what blogs are for." (Roger Ebert)
The Extender - an idiosyncratic blog devoted to issues of size.

- Weird things happen in the city This Place

- A look, 30 years on, at the movie Threesome

- On the aesthetics (lighting and lettering) of Behind the Candelabra

- R.I.P. Roger Ebert Is Gone

- On Brideshead Revisited Upstairs, Upstairs

- 40 Favorite Small, Amazing Moments (+1 extra) from Roseanne

- Ungh, Mona Lisa (the movie)

- On Jeff Bridges and his virtuoso smoking The Dude's Good

- Animals with "fat" and other perjoratives in their binomial nomenclature Who you callin fat?

- On the The Public Pubic (reprinted in Jezebel)

- Review of the 2005 TV adaptation of Little House on the Prairie

- The wacky covers of a Brazilian publisher specializing in public domain lit What?

- On learning to love the song "Born in the USA" Submitting to the Boss

- Let Us Now Praise R.J. Grunt's — the connection between Rich Melman's Lettuce Entertain You empire and Chicago's avante garde food scene

- What's Gorey's Story? — the first published account of the Chicago childhood of writer and illustrator Edward Gorey

- Secret Recipe (finalist, 2003 Lisagor Awards) — a feature about M.F.K. Fisher biographer Joan Reardon and the trickiness of a Fisher biography

- Something About Mary — about the history and secrets in the classic children's book Cheaper by the Dozen

- Fat Chance (finalist, 2001 Lisagor Awards) —a review of Shallow Hal and examination of the state of the size acceptance movement and current cultural attitude towards fat