00:01:20 - There's some sword fighting for about 10 seconds but nobody gets cut or hurt.

00:01:55 - A man gets hanged, it lasts for about 5 seconds.

00:05:50 - There's a fight here that lasts for the next 90 seconds or so, and even though one or two guys have guns no shots are fired, and even though another guy has knives, nobody gets stabbed. Nobody dies, there's no blood, just some people get punched or whacked with a stick. Nothing that couldn't be shown on TV.

00:22:20 - Someone gets shot, but there's no blood or anything.

00:23:50 - A fight happens here for the next 20 seconds in which some guys get stabbed, and there are some shots fired. You don't have to watch it if you want (there is a quick shot of some blood squirting and another of some blood dripping from a guy's mouth). All you need to know is that V either kills or disables everyone around him and gets away uninjured, and he does so using very quick reflexes.

00:24:50 - A guy gets maced, a girl gets punched once and a guy gets punched a few times. No blood, no deaths or anything, typical TV-ish violence.

00:30:20 - This is the only time in the movie you see V with his gloves off, and you can see his hands are badly burned, but really it just looks like they're pink rubber. Considering the context (he's cooking breakfast with an apron on), I doubt you'll find it too gross or anything. He puts his gloves back on at 00:30:45.

00:34:35 - There's a split second shot of someone getting taxed, no death or blood, and it's literally less than a second long.

00:41:45 - There's a few seconds of riot footage, like you'd see on the news, one person gets hit in the shoulder with a baton.

00:42:15 - A woman gets punched once.

00:47:25 - A guy fires a gun at another guy but it either doesn't hit him or it doesn't hurt him.

00:58:45 - You see a bunch of dead naked bodies being thrown into a mass grave and then lye being thrown on them, but they all died from disease. It's not real gory or anything. It lasts for about 10 seconds.

00:59:35 - There's some explosions here, and some people go flying but you don't see what happens to them, not too bad. You then see a guy that appears to be naked with burns on his body, although he's very much in shadow so you can't really see anything.

01:08:30 - A man gets punched once in the mouth and he has blood on his mouth as a result for the next 15 seconds or so. Then he gets hit in the head with a baton at 01:08:45, and before he gets bagged and dragged away, you can see him looking at Evey.

01:09:50 - For the next ten minutes or so, you occasionally see shots of a woman being tortured, like in a montage as being intercut with flashbacks, but all you really see is her getting her head dunked in water and having her hair shaved and that's about it. You shouldn't have any problem watching anything onscreen during any of this, or for at least the next 20 minutes.

01:33:25 - There's a flashback montage for the next 20 seconds or so of people who were detained and tortured who are living in cages, and one person being taxed, then an explosion. It's a bit grim, so if you don't want to watch you don't have to, but listen to the narration over it. The flashbacks are all of stuff you've pretty much already seen, the prisoners who were kept at Larkhill and tortured, and the ensuing explosion there.

01:33:55 - There's a shot that lasts a few seconds of the dead naked bodies in the mass grave having lye thrown on top of them.

01:42:50 - A young girl in a Guy Fawkes mask is shot while she's running away, and you do see a quick flash of blood.

01:43:10 - A guy is about to get smashed in the face by a baton, but it cuts right before it happens.

01:43:35 - There's some riot footage here, just lots of tear gas mainly, stuff you'd see on the news. It lasts for about 25 seconds, being cut back and forth with what V is doing.

01:53:45 - A guy gets shot and killed, but it's offscreen so you don't see it happen. The do show the guy's face about 5 seconds later and you can see he's got a bullet hole in his forehead and blood, but this shot only lasts for about 5 seconds.

01:54:15 - Two guys are punched a few times and then stabbed/slashed with knives and you can see blood. This only lasts for about 5 seconds.

01:55:15 - A whole group of people shoot at V dozens of times, hitting him repeatedly, for the next 10 seconds. There's not really any blood though, you just see him rocked back a lot from the shots, but it doesn't kill him.

01:55:45 - It then shows V in slow motion kill everyone with his knives except for the last guy. There is blood during this scene, and you will not want to watch it. It lasts until 01:56:55 and ends with the last guy having reloaded and shooting 6 more shots at V, none of which kill him. At 01:57:10 V then strangles the last guy with his hands. The whole thing is finally all over at 01:57:20. You should be able to watch the rest of the movie with no problem, there's no more violence, even if you're worried that there might be.