The violence is ranked, using color, on a scale from 1 to 3, with black text as a baseline of 0; that is, no violence, although their may or may not be the threat of it, but--no violence; green (1) is not too bad; yellow (2) is questionable; and red (3) is dreadful.

00:04:45 - A guy falls and injures his leg in some way. You never see anything though.

00:12:55 - A bunch of stuff falls on a guy, but it happens super fast and you really can't see what happens, other than you just know some stuff falls on a guy.

01:13:20 - There's a scuffle here where all that happens is some open-handed slapping and hair pulling.

01:15:55 - Another scuffle here, just some wrestling and that's it.

01:45:35 - A guy gets shot in the head and killed here, but oddly enough you don't really see anything. You never even see a bullet hole or blood. He is then buried rather hastily, and the whole scene takes about 90 seconds.

02:29:30 - You should skip this next minute of the movie. In my opinion, this is really the only part of this entire movie you'd have any real problem with. Daniel kills Eli by bludgeoning him a few times in the head with a bowling pin, then sits down next to him as Eli lies prone, bleeding to death.