00:15:30 - After she says "I saw her face" there is a quick, like one second flash of what the girl's face looked like, and even though it's not like beaten up or anything, it's like frozen in a weird and disturbing expression. There's nothing violent about it, you don't even really know what to make of what caused such an expression, but it is pretty scary. If you don't want to look, it's a quick shot of her mom opening the closet and seeing her daughter sitting in the corner with her eyes open and rolled back and her mouth hanging agape and like at an angle. After the mom opens the closet her head droops down and that's the end of the shot. Like I said, not violent, or even implying anything violent happened to her, just disturbing. I think you're supposed to think she died of fright.

00:24:30 - OK, there are a couple disturbing things on this tape, but I think you'll be able to watch it. It's mainly a bunch of things that don't make much sense, but may be a bit unsettling the way they're presented (even when it's just like a shot of a ladder leaning up against a wall). But you don't see anyone get killed or anything. The most "violent" thing you see in the video is a very quick shot of someone pushing their finger down onto a nail hard enough for the nail to go through their finger (that happens at 00:25:12). I think you can watch this whole video, and because it is quite central to the plot of the story, you really should. Just making a note here because there's a lot of anticipation about what is on this tape, that it's not anything really horrific. Just weird and unsettling because it's kinda abstract.

00:48:55 - A girl with a gross looking hand/arm grabs Rachel by the arm, but that's it, nothing violent or gory happens. The girl's hand is just brownish and slimy looking looking, but you only see it for less than a second and you can't really see anything other than that it's brown and slimy.

00:57:00 - A horse here goes crazy and breaks out of its trailer, it then runs to the end of the boat and crashes into the side of it and falls overboard. Everyone then runs to the back of the boat to see if the horse is OK, only to see a bunch of blood come out in the boat's wake, leaving you to assume the horse got killed by the boat's propellers. I don't know if violence toward animals bothers you as much as it does toward people, but if so, this is probably the worst thing you'll see in the movie. This lasts until 00:58:40, you'll know its over when you hear a scream and then a boat horn.

01:18:10 - A man whacks a woman in the face once, but there's no blood or anything and it doesn't do anything more than knock the woman down (she gets right back up and is fine).

01:19:25 - A man electrocutes himself to death in a bathtub and you see sparks and some blood. It lasts for about 10 seconds. There's then a shot of the now-dead man in the bathtub at 01:19:55 for about a second or two, but there's nothing to see there, just a guy in a bathtub.

01:28:35 - A woman gets knocked into a well and falls down it, but there's water at the bottom and she survives with no injuries.

01:30:00 - You see an extremely fast shot of the finger pushing through the nail again (calling back to the video tape), but it's only for a few frames, not even a half second.

01:30:50 - Rachel gets grabbed by an arm/hand again, but this time it's not gross, just a regular arm/hand.

01:31:40 - A girl has a plastic bag put over her head, she is then suffocated by her mother and dropped down a well. You don't really see it though, the camera stays on the mother's face for most of it. If you don't watch this, then you should know the mother says "All I ever wanted was you" and you can see she's upset that she's doing this. It's over at 01:32:00.

01:33:25 - You see a quick time-lapse of a girl sort of like decomposing, but really just quickly transitioning from what Rachel sees as a girl into a skeleton. Rachel is then left holding a skeleton in her arms till 01:34:00, but this is not a scary or gross scene, it's actually somewhat tender.

01:41:40 - For the next 30 seconds you see someone who has gross looking skin, like they've kinda rotted underwater or something. The skin is just grayish with a kind of rough looking texture to it though, it's not too bad.

01:41:50 - A guy falls backward onto a shelf and it breaks, but he's uninjured.

01:42:10 - You see the person with the gross skin's face and it doesn't look that bad. The most disturbing thing about it is the hateful, angry expression it, but the makeup effects aren't gory or anything. This only lasts for maybe 3 seconds.

01:43:30 - This is just to reassure you, she spins him around but you don't see his face, you just see her reaction to it.

01:45:50 - There are two split-second shots of the girl's twisted expression from the beginning and now you get a very quick shot of Noah's face, all twisted just like the girl's from the beginning.