The violence is ranked, using color, on a scale from 1 to 3, with black text as a baseline of 0; that is, no violence, although their may or may not be the threat of it, but--no violence; green (1) is not too bad; yellow (2) is questionable; and red (3) is dreadful.

This one came with a caveat: "I'd really ask you don't read too far ahead in this one because there are major spoilers in reading it. . . . try to watch the movie without referring to this at all if you can, and only use it if you must."

00:03:10 - For about 20 seconds or so you see Hugh Jackman stuck in a sealed tank of water, pounding on the glass trying to get out, but you don't see what happens to him.

00:19:45 - You see a dead bird that was crushed to death. It gets dumped in a trash can. It lasts for maybe 10 seconds, it's not too bad.

00:24:45 - You see a woman drown in a sealed tank of water. It's not gory or violent or anything. Michael Caine uses an axe to try to break the glass, and he does and water spills all over the stage, but it's too late and she has drowned
00:32:35 - Hugh Jackman shoots a gun at Christian Bale, intending to kill him, but before he shoots the gun barrel is struck down, so instead it shoots off two fingers on Bale's right hand. You can see it, but only if you go frame by frame, otherwise it's so fast (only like 3 frames) that you don't really see anything, other than Bale's hands clasped together and blood coming out from between his clasped fingers.

00:32:20 - You see Bale a few days later unwrap his hand and you can see the nubs where his fingers were shot off, but it's only for a couple seconds, it's not too bad.

00:40:30 - You see Bale's nubs again, but they're fully healed now. Shortly after seeing them though, you see him pull the cage and break a woman's fingers and kill the bird in the cage (you can't really see any of this very clearly, but this is what happens).

01:08:55 - You see Hugh Jackman fall and land on the ground, presumably breaking his leg. You can't tell that though, just that he falls and hurts himself somewhat. He just falls and then you see him holding his knee but that's it.

01:15:05 - A gun gets fired from inside a coffin and nicks Michael Caine in the side. No blood or anything, and Caine is fine.

01:34:55 - You see a woman who has hanged herself, but you see her long after she's died, you just see her hanging there for about 10 seconds.

01:46:50 - You see Hugh Jackman drowning in the tank again, just like you did at the beginning of the movie. This time you see Bale try to break the glass to let him out, but he's unable to and Jackman drowns. This lasts for 40 seconds.

01:58:05 - Bale gets hanged, but it's a quick shot, you don't see anything gruesome.

01:58:15 - Jackman gets shot in the chest, but you don't see any blood or a bullet hole, just a puff of smoke.

01:59:45 - Bale gets his fingers chopped off, but you don't actually see it happen, you just see the reaction on his face as it happens. You then see the healing nubs you saw earlier in the movie again. This whole thing takes maybe 3-5 seconds, it's done like as a very quick montage.

02:01:05 - You see Hugh Jackman get shot in the chest. There's some blood, but the shot itself is very fast, less than a second and then you don't see him again.