00:03:00 - A woman beats the shit out of a bunch of cops, including breaking one cop's arm. She also displays superhuman strength, reflexes and agility, even running up on a wall, seemingly defying gravity. The cops shoot at her, but she grabs another cop in front of her and that cop ends up being the one who gets shot. She then grabs a cop's gun and shoots another cop, then finishes by kicking a cop in the face. This all takes about 20 seconds. I think other than the arm being broken (which is just a split second and which is the very first thing that happens) you could watch this with no problem. Even the arm being broken, there's no blood or anything, and there's no blood with any of the shooting.

00:04:30 - A woman gets shot at, but the bullets miss her. Nobody gets hurt for the rest of this scene.

00:05:50 - A truck smashes into a phone booth with a woman in it, but when they investigate the wreckage they discover there's nobody in the rubble. Like I said, nobody gets hurt :)

00:20:35 - You might find this a bit disturbing. A guy's mouth sort of disappears, like the skin quickly grew over it and he's left with no mouth. 00:21:20 - A thing which looks like a robotic insect is placed on a guy's stomach, it then crawls into his belly button. The man then wakes up and realizes it was just a bad dream.

00:24:30 - A device is used to extract the bug from the man's abdomen, it squirms around inside under his skin, then is pulled out into a tube, which is then dropped on the street where it lays dormant. This is a bit grisly and lasts for 30 seconds.

00:32:40 - You see a guy covered in like pink goop, like petroleum jelly, and he has a mechanical looking thing in his mouth, which he promptly pulls out. He also has these like hoses connected to his body (including one on the back of his head). I don't think you'll have a problem watching this.

00:33:40 - A big machine appears before the man with the plugs in him and appears kind of menacing, but it is not going to hurt him. It grabs him and prompts the hose connected to the back of his head to unscrew and disconnect, and then all the other hoses unplug and he is like flushed out of the little pod of goo he's sitting in.

00:35:45 - You see a guy lying on a table with a bunch of like acupuncture needles in him. He looks kinda like a porcupine. They're just electrodes stimulating his muscles though, it's not hurting him.

00:36:20 - You see the needles being placed into a pan with water in it and there's a teeny bit of blood. Then you see that the man has these mechanical implants all over his body, ports, where the hoses were plugged in, and they are using a set of forceps to remove one from his back. This is all done in a montage though, so it doesn't show anything gory, and doesn't stay on any shot for too long.

00:36:50 - The man wakes up, all healed now, but he's got one thing plugged into one of the ports in his arm. He pulls it out and is fine. He then touches the port on the back of his head.

00:39:20 - They put what looks like a long needle into the port in the back of his head, but it is designed to do this, it's not painful or torturous or anything. They're just plugging him in.

00:42:25 - You see a shot of a human fetus hooked up to the same biometric ports that Neo had, as it is inside a synthetic uterus.

00:43:10 - You see a newborn baby now with all the hoses hooked up to it.

00:44:20 - Neo pukes and then passes out. No more goop and icky stuff for the rest of the movie :).

00:49:45 - Some kung fu fighting, no injuries.

01:19:50 - There's a bunch of shooting here and one guy gets shot and killed in the matrix. In the real world his body dies and some blood comes out his mouth. This lasts 10 seconds.

01:22:30 - There's some shooting here but nobody gets hit.

01:23:25 - More shooting here, it looks like a couple cops maybe get shot, but you can't really see anything, no blood or bullet holes or anything.

01:24:00 - Two men have a fight, lots of punching and kicking. It's not very realistic looking. It lasts for a minute.

01:26:27 - A man gets shot in the back with like a gun that shoots a lightning bolt. Another man gets shot with it 10 seconds later.

01:26:45 - You see one of the guys who got shot with the lightning gun lying dead on the floor all burned up. This shot lasts for about a second.

01:29:10 - You see someone just fall over dead, no violence or anything.

01:29:40 - Another person falls over dead, no violence.

01:30:45 - Another guy gets killed with the lightning bolt gun.

01:41:30 - Here begins one of the more famous shootouts in film history. The end result is that Neo and Trinity both survive and everyone else in the room (all cops) die. Basically Neo and Trinity use their guns and kung fu and ability to defy gravity and whatnot to kill everyone, and it's all shown in slow motion. This is the scene people remember the most from this movie, but it's just a bunch of people being shot and killed. The fact that it's in the matrix might make it easier for you to stomach, but if you find you can't watch it, then just skip to 01:44:00 when the scene ends.

01:45:50 - Neo and Trinity beat up a bunch of cops with kung fu. Neo shoots one and Trinity throws a knife at another one. This lasts for about 15 seconds.

01:46:15 - You should have no problem watching this: Neo and the agent shoot at each other, but do not hit each other. You really should watch this, this is one of the more famous exchanges in the movie.

01:46:50 - Trinity kills the agent with a point blank shot to the head. No blood, I think you'll be OK to watch this.

01:47:55 - Neo fires on the agents with a high speed machine gun. Bullets go everywhere and all three agents are killed (though they then regenerate right outside the room). This ends at 01:48:35 01:49:25 - You see a close up shot of a bullet hitting Morpheus in the leg, which just causes him to stumble. He's fine though. There's some great effects/stunt work after this, but all three people survive. This is pretty cool to watch, so you should do so, resting easy that Neo, Trinity and Morpheus all survive unharmed and nobody else gets hurt :).

01:54:15 - The agent shoots at Trinity but she disappears before the bullet gets there so she's fine, but the phone gets destroyed.

01:54:50 - The agent and Neo shoot at each other till their guns are empty, but neither one hits anything. Then they get up and fight and it's a lot like the earlier fight between the agent and Morpheus, so if that was too much to watch, then you maybe should skip this one too. If you do skip it, it ends with the agent trying to hold Neo down as a train approaches, sacrificing himself to kill Neo (cause the agent will immediately regenerate anyway). Instead Neo turns the tables and leaves the agent in front of the train while Neo gets out of the way. But then the train stops and the agent (newly regenerated) just gets off and starts chasing Neo.

01:59:45 - A foot chase starts here that goes for a few minutes with agents chasing after Neo, shoving people out of the way and shooting at him. They don't hit him though.

02:02:35 - The agent shoots Neo in the chest. The first shot is in slow motion, but then the agent empties his gun into him, killing him. You see bullet holes and blood. This goes till 02:03:15 02:05:00 - The agents fire at Neo, but he stops the bullets in midair.

02:05:45 - The agent goes to fight Neo, but Neo is able to defend against his attack with barely any effort.

02:06:15 - This is hard to describe, but Neo dives inside the agent, like he disappears inside of him, and then makes the agent explode from the inside in a big flash of light.

02:07:15 - Morpheus activates the electro-magnetic pulse, deactivating the sentinel just before it can get to them, so everyone survives for the sequels :).