00:18:15 - 00:21:05 - Just skip this battle scene, here's Wikipedia's recap: "Magua leads the group into an ambush by his Huron party. Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachgook come across the attack as Magua escapes and save Duncan, Cora and Alice."

00:35:30 - There's a big battle going on here but you should be able to watch it, no blood or anything, no specific deaths or anything like that

00:48:10 - Some guys get shot from a distance but I think you can handle this, no blood, this is like TV violence

01:02:20 - About 25 seconds of more war violence but all stuff they could easily show on TV, no blood or anything

01:13:10 - A big battle, pretty brutal, just skip ahead to 01:19:30. Here's Wikipedia's recap of what happens: "The retreating British soldiers and their families are ambushed by Magua's men. Magua cuts out Munro's heart from his body, but not before promising to kill Munro's daughters to extinguish his line. Hawkeye, Cora, Alice, Uncas, Chingachgook, Duncan and a few others flee in canoes across Lake George."

01:33:10 - They rough DDL up a bit here, punch him and cut him, but he doesn't fight back and is fine, you can watch this

01:38:55 - Just skip to 01:39:25. Here's Wikipedia's recap: "From a safe distance, Hawkeye mercifully shoots Duncan as he is burned alive."

01:41:05 - A big battle for the finale, you'll probably want to skip it. Just go to 01:46:10. Here's Wikipedia's recap: "Uncas, who had cared for Alice throughout, races ahead to intercept Magua's band, killing several warriors before engaging Magua. Magua kills him, then drops his body off the cliff. Rather than join Magua, Alice follows Uncas by jumping to her death. Seeing this, an enraged Hawkeye and Chingachgook set upon the Hurons and slay several. Chingachgook kills Magua, avenging his son."

You can watch the rest of the movie.