LOTR Violence Guide!

The violence is ranked on a scale from 1 to 3, with the baseline of 0 meaning no violence, although their may or may not be the mildish threat of it, but--no violence; 1 is not too bad; 2 is questionable; and 3 is dreadful.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Disc 1

01:04:20 - Nobody gets hurt here.

01:13:40 - For the next minute there's a battle with swordfighting but nothing that goes above a 1 or possibly a light 2.

Disc 2

00:29:10 - For the next 4:30 or so there's a battle with a lot of swordfighting, arrows, axes, etc. 1-2ish.

00:37:55 - There's some arrows being shot back and forth, a few bad guys get hit with arrows, but right here an orc gets hit in the forehead with one. Cartoony though, not gory or anything.

01:19:00 - For the next 7 minutes there's a battle with a lot of swordfighting, arrows, axes, etc. 1-2ish except that at 01:25:50 there's a part that's a strong 2 but cartoonish enough to not be a 3. (And you've already seen it.)

The Two Towers

Disc 1

00:22:45 - Some 1ish fighting for about 10 seconds.

00:30:15 - A baddie gets his head chopped off offscreen, though you see the head hit the ground. No blood or anything. Maybe a 1. Then another baddie says "meat's back on the menu" and you see all the other baddies crowd around and begin eating the dead guy, but you can't at all see what is going on. This all lasts maybe 15 seconds and is a 1 or 2.

00:30:55 - For about 30 seconds there's a 1-2ish battle.

01:44:30 - For about 40 seconds there's a 1ish battle, just people getting shot by arrows.

Disc 2

00:08:45 - There's a 1-2ish battle for the next 30 seconds or so.

00:11:05 - For the next two minutes there's a 2ish battle. You don't really need to watch it, just know that everyone's fighting. At 00:12:30 though, from there on you should watch, there's nothing too gory that happens, but what happens is key to the plot.

01:03:20 - A baddie gets shot in the neck or collarbone area with an arrow.

01:04:15 - A huge battle starts. This will go on for the next half hour or so (although it will cut away from the battle here and there to other things going on). Just consider it all a 2 if it's easier and squint through it, but it's all fast cuts, it's at night, it's not bloody or anything, but lots of people get killed. Here are the parts where it starts and stops:
01:04:15 - 01:06:25
01:08:00 - 01:11:25
01:13:10 - 01:19:15
01:28:50 - 01:33:20
The Return of the King

Disc 1

00:03:55 - A guy gets strangled to death, this lasts about 30 seconds.

00:05:30 - A little goop as it's a closeup shot of Gollum eating a fish. Lasts 10 seconds.

00:16:35 - A guy gets stabbed twice in the back and then someone gets shot with an arrow. Then someone falls and gets impaled on a spike. This whole thing takes 20 seconds.

01:03:45 - Some 1-2ish violence, a battle that lasts till 01:04:20

01:10:30 - Some 1-2ish violence, a battle that lasts till 01:11:55

01:12:15 - A guy gets impaled with a spear

01:12:35 - Some 1-2ish violence, a battle that lasts till 01:13:15

02:00:00 - The baddies catapult a bunch of decapitated heads into the city, this goes until 02:00:15

02:01:05 - Thus begins the big battle of this movie. There is 1-2ish violence during all of it, just like in the last movie. Here are the times when the battle scenes are shown:
02:01:20 - (just for a few seconds)
02:02:15 - (til the end of this disc)

Disc 2

00:05:00 - Just a note on this scene here which goes for the next five minutes: it's creepy but you're not gonna see anything awful during it, so you can watch it knowing nothing bad is gonna happen

00:14:40 - Back to the big battle scene. Again, there's 1-2ish violence during all of it, here are the times when the battle scenes are shown:
00:14:40 - 00:15:15
00:22:25 - 00:23:30
00:28:05 - 00:29:00
00:30:50 - 00:43:35

00:16:10 - Even though this happens offscreen, a guy gets stung with a giant spider stinger and it might freak you out. You don't actually see it, you just see him begin to foam at the mouth a bit then fall over and he is then cocooned with spider silk.

00:17:00 - A battle happens between a guy and a giant spider. Neither the guy nor the spider dies, but the guy badly wounds the spider at 00:18:35, causing it to retreat, and it is never seen again. The whole scene ends at 00:19:00

00:50:45 - Some 1-2ish fighting that goes on until 00:51:55

00:52:55 - Some 1ish fighting goes on for 10 seconds.

00:53:50 - You see a sword go through somebody, this lasts for about 5 seconds.

01:10:10 - You might find this dude a little gross. Really ugly mouth.

01:11:45 - Prince Charming gets decapitated.

01:18:45 - 01:21:20 - 1-2ish fighting.

01:23:35 - 01:25:35 - 1-2ish fighting. One note though: at 01:24:15 a guy wearing the ring (hence, invisible) gets his finger with the ring on it bit off, thus rendering him visible, so you don't really see the finger get bit, but at 01:24:25 and again at 01:25:00 you do see it after it's been bitten off.