The violence is ranked, using color, on a scale from 1 to 3, with black text as a baseline of 0; that is, no violence, although their may or may not be the threat of it, but--no violence; green (1) is not too bad; yellow (2) is questionable; and red (3) is dreadful.

00:23:00 - Someone gets shot twice, but it is shown from so far away (and it is night) that you absolutely can not see anything other than a muzzle flash twice. No blood, body or anything.

00:47:00 - Nobody gets hurt at all in any way during this scene. I just put this in here in case you get worried that something bad is going to happen.

01:51:10 - Someone gets shot, although it happens sort of offscreen. You really only see the person who does the shooting, you don't see the person who gets shot. No blood, no body.

02:05:05 - A guy gets shot once and his blood sprays up on the windshield. You can't see the bullet wound or anything, as it is all shot from behind. He then gets shot again at 02:05:20, but you can't see anything here.

02:23:00 - A guy gets shot three times, but it's in a dark room and you can't really see much when he gets shot. A few seconds later the light gets turned on and you can see the body lying there, but you can't really see anything, just a little teeny bit of blood, nothing gory or anything. At 02:24:20 they show a shot of the dead person's face (which is unharmed) but you can see a little bit more of the blood from where he got shot in the body.