The violence is ranked, using color, on a scale from 1 to 3, with black text as a baseline of 0; that is, no violence, although their may or may not be the threat of it, but--no violence; green (1) is not too bad; yellow (2) is questionable; and red (3) is dreadful.

This one came with a caveat: There's something to know about this movie: it involves hostages who have guns held on them and who are tied up and gagged at various points, and the hostages act appropriately terrified of what might happen to them, but for the most part they are just calmly held prisoner. There are a few exceptions, and they're noted below, but I want you to feel free to watch the movie during any tense scenes knowing that nobody's about to get hurt or killed unless otherwise noted below.

00:18:20 - A guy gets punched and then kicked a bunch of times but it happens behind frosted glass so you can't see too clearly what happens. It goes on for about 15 seconds.

00:44:20 - A guy gets punched once.

00:53:25 - You see a violent video game (like Grand Theft Auto) in which one of the characters gets shot repeatedly in the head with blood splattering, and eventually has a grenade stuffed in his mouth making his head explode. Again, it's just a video game so it's like a cartoon, but it's very violent for a video game.

01:24:00 - There's a punch thrown here and a scuffle but that's it.

01:26:05 - One person with a hood over their head gets shot in the head and falls over dead. You see a bullet hole but no blood.

01:29:55 - There's a bunch of shots here for the next 20 to 30 seconds of people getting shot, but these are just visualizations of what the people are discussing as possible outcomes, this is not stuff that actually happens. Nobody actually gets hurt during this scene.

01:34:40 - A bunch of people here get shot with rubber bullets to subdue them, but nobody gets killed, they just fall over. Everyone survives without any injuries. This goes on for 15 seconds.