00:02:00 - The movie opens with a shot of Ed Norton with a gun in his mouth (Brad Pitt is holding the gun), but don't worry, he doesn't get shot. It's not even a tense scene, as you'll soon find out.

00:21:40 - Ed Norton has a "fantasy" sequence here about being in a mid-air collision plane crash, which is pretty intense. It's not gory or anything, but you see seats flying out a huge hole in the side of the plane and flying away. It lasts about 15 seconds, and keep in mind, it doesn't actually happen, it's just him imagining it in his head.

00:34:55 - Ah, the first fight. You should be able to watch this whole thing with no problems whatsoever. It's a good natured fight, and there's no blood or anything like that. I guarantee it won't be hard at all to watch.

00:37:15 - Another fight, and again, it's good natured and no blood or anything like that. Shouldn't be a problem, just some punches being thrown.

00:37:35 - There's a lot of stuff like this in this movie, where you see guys with post-fight injuries, like black eyes or cuts/bruises. Just makeup, but fairly convincing. Hopefully seeing a guy with a black eye doesn't put you off too much.

00:37:55 - More fighting. All the fighting is good natured, but as it goes on you'll see people get more and more injured in these fights. Here you just see a guy with a bloody lip after getting punched and knocked to the ground.

00:40:40 - More totally fine to watch, nondescript fighting (only for a few seconds and from far away).

00:43:40 - OK, now it gets gory. Still good natured fighting, but it's pretty visceral, the sights and the sounds, and in the end one guy is left with a pretty bloodied face (even though he's happy about the experience). This goes on for about 30 seconds.

00:45:20 - This is probably the most visceral of these fights. Again, all good natured, but both Ed Norton and Brad Pitt and the guys they fight wind up quite bloodied about the face when they're done.

01:00:55 - You'll probably find this rather gross - it's bags of fat that have been removed during liposuction, and at 01:01:05 one of them tears open and all the fat spills out. It's just orange goop though.

01:02:25 - Like Tyler says, this is a chemical burn. It's not too bad, I think you should be able to watch this with no problems.

01:12:20 - Tyler takes a beating for the next minute or so, but it gets really bad at 01:13:35 when Tyler grabs the guy who'd been beating him and pushes him down and shakes and drips all his bloody face all over the guy, telling him "you don't know where I've been" like as if he's gonna infect him with diseases or something. One of the Fight Club guys throws up from seeing this. Afterward you see Tyler all beaten up and bloody. The scene ends at 01:15:00.

01:17:10 - Ed Norton beats himself up, punching himself in the face, throwing himself around the room, etc. He's pretty beat up by the end, at 01:19:00, but this goes into a pretty harmless fight for the next 30 seconds after that.

01:21:50 - Just FYI, nobody gets hurt in this scene so you're OK to watch it :).

01:33:55 - This guy gets punched and tied up and threatened, but he doesn't get hurt, just scared.

01:35:45 - This is a very brutal fight, just because Ed Norton gets the other guy pinned down and keeps punching him in the face even after the guy taps out. You probably don't want to watch this. At 01:36:40 you can start watching again, but be warned that at 01:37:05 there's a quick close up shot of the guy's face that you really don't want to see (it lasts only about 2 seconds).

01:40:30 - There's a car wreck here, but everyone survives fine.

01:43:45 - A shot of the blonde guy's badly messed up but now healing face as he talks with Edward Norton. Bruising and stitches. This goes for 15 seconds. I think you can handle this. You see him a few other times later too, here and there throughout the next noted scene.

01:46:05 - Bob gets shot and killed. You don't really see much when it happens, but then at 01:46:15 you get a really close up, gory as hell look at him dead with half of his head blown off, but it's OK to look after about 3 seconds.

02:02:40 - They threaten Ed Norton but don't actually hurt him at all. Nobody gets hurt in this scene.

02:07:20 - Brad Pitt kicks Ed Norton out of the van. Norton then shoots a couple times but doesn't hurt Pitt. Pitt then beats the shit out of Norton for the next two minutes.

02:13:20 - Ed Norton shoots himself with the gun in his mouth, but the bullet goes out his cheek and doesn't kill him, but it does leave him bleeding a lot. You probably don't want to watch these 5-10 seconds of the movie, as it shows this up close and in slow motion.